Meter Installation

Meter Installation Instructions

Water Meter Installation Diagram


The water meter manufacturer states the water meter should be mounted face up and level. This ensures even wear on the water meter mechanism. Refer to water meter installation diagram.

The water meter supplier (H.D. Supply) established that the remote sensor wire could be cut and extended up to 300 feet. The electrical splice will be permanent and a water tight mechanical fastener must be used to assure a positive connection.

The remote sensor should be mounted on the front or near the front of the building with easy access for the water meter reader.

Water meters, yoke mounting brackets and wire are available from Phantom Hills Water Company, Inc. Please use proper wire and proper mechanical fasteners for the water meter and remote sensor.

The water meter and remote sensor should be installed as soon as possible and a call to Phantom Hills Water Company, Inc. at 406-523-1600 to test for proper connections is recommended before the building is complete and sheet rocked.